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< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (167)

Psychoanalysis (noun) 
a method of treating emotional disorders that emphasizes the importance of a patient’s 
talking freely about himself while under the treatment and especially about childhood 
experiences and about his dreams
Dr. Sigmund Freud developed a new mental treatment which he named

Psychotic (adjective) 
being insane or mad 
Many murderers are psychotic, and they have no remorse about killing their victims.

Pulse (noun) 
to make rhythmic contractions, sounds, or movements 
In 1993, Angelou wrote and delivered a poem, "On the Pulse of the Morning," at the
inauguration for President Bill Clinton at his request.

Pummel (verb) 
to strike repeatedly by heavy blows so as to cause damage
Gov. Jeb Bush on Tuesday declared a state of emergency for seven southwestern Florida
counties which were pummeled by torrential rain. 

Pump (verb) 
to remove a liquid by a steady, gradual process
Some cities are now pumping water which has lain in underground storage for more
than 25,000 years.

Pungent (adjective) 
affecting the organs of taste or smell with a strong and often harsh sensation; so sharp as 
to cause mental pain  In a pungent diary, vivid letters, learned tracts, and patriotic speeches he revealed
himself as a quintessential Puritan, patriarch of an illustrious family, tough minded
philosopher of the republic, sage, and sometimes a vain, stubborn, and vitriolic partisan.

Pupil (noun) 
one who is being educated, student
It is fairly certain that Cervantes was a pupil of López de Hoyos in Madrid.

Push (noun) 
a vigorous effort to attain an end, drive
Back in the early 1960's when the fishery was really developing quite strongly, there was
a push from both industry and government to make sure that things were going to be

Pursue (verb) 
to follow another; to move behind another in the same direction 
His attempts to measure intelligence caught on and were pursued by others.

Quantitatively (adverb) 
relating to or involving the measurement of quantity or amount 
It is difficult to quantitatively

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