Saturday, January 5, 2013

< Conv > Interaksi Sosial (11)

41. Declining an invitation
Sorry, I can't. But thanks anyway.
Oh, what a shame. I won't be here.
I'd love to, but ...

Less Formal
Thank you very much, but ...
Thank you very much for asking me, but ...
I'm very sorry, I can't.
I'm terribly sorry, I don't think I can.
I'm afraid I've already promised to ... (But thank
you very much all the same.)
I'd like to, but ...
I wish I could, but ...

Unfortunately, ...
Sadly... However, thank you for inviting me.
Much to my regret, ...
That's very kind of you, but ...

42. Saying something is important
Sure, it's most important.

Less Formal
You shouldn't ignore it.
That's of great concern.
It's less important than ..., I think.
It's absolutely important, believe me.
It matters a lot.
By all means you should be more careful. It's really important for you.

It's something you should pay more attention to...
It's of vital importance, no doubt.
It's of great value.
... is of vital importance in this case.

43. Saying something is not important
What's that got to do with it?
That's neither here nor there.
That doesn't make a blind bit of difference.
So what?
How does ... come into it?
... doesn't matter one bit.

Less Formal
You don't have to worry about ...
That's not the question.
That's not the point.
That's beside the point.
That shouldn't concern us at this point.
I think ... is something we can ignore.
I really can't see what relevance ... has, I'm afraid.
I don't think that's important.
I don't think ... matters.
Does ...matter?
... just not the issue.
... is of no great consequence.
... has got nothing to do with it.
... doesn't really make any difference.
... doesn't matter.

44. Asking if someone is interested
Does it grab you at all?
Do you go for ...?

Less Formal
Does this interest you at all?
Do you find ... interesting?
Are you keen on ...?
Are you interested in ...?

What are your interests?
What are you interested in?
I wonder if you have any interest in ...?
Does ... appeal to you?
Do you share my interest in ... at all?
Do you have any interest in ...?

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