Saturday, January 5, 2013

< Conv > Interaksi Sosial (8)

29. Offering to do something for someone
Want a hand ...?
Need some help, ...?
Can I help out?

Less Formal
What can I do to help ...?
Shall I ...?
Let me ...
I'll do it for you.
I'll ....
Can I help?

Would you like any help ...?
May I be of assistance?
Is there anything I can do ...?

30. Accepting an offer of something
I'd love ...!

Less Formal
That'd be delightful.
That would be very nice.
Thanks very much/a lot.
Thank you.
Yes, please.
Thank you, I would.
Thank you, I will.
I'd like ... very much, (please).
I can think of nothing nicer/better.

With the greatest of pleasure.
With pleasure.

31. Declining an offer of something
Less Formal
That's very kind, but I won't, thank you.
Thanks all the same, but I won't/couldn't.
Not this time, thanks.
Not for me, thanks.
Not for me, thank you.
No, thanks, really.
No, thank you.
No, thank you very much.
No, I really won't, thank you.
I'm not sure I can.
I won't, thanks.

If it's all the same to you, I won't.

32. Accepting an offer of help
Just what I needed ...!

Less Formal
That's very kind of you.
Thanks very much!
Thank you.
Oh, yes, please.

You are most kind.
That's extremely good of you ...
If you're sure it's no trouble ...
I'd be delighted if ...

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